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Surviving in Style: Seeking Veteran recommendations

After a little confusion, it turns out I am still assigned TWO articles for the Black Rock Gazette Gate edition. I'm pretty much set on the food donations story, however, the following one would be improved a lot of people's input. If you're up to taking it over, let me know and I'll hook you up with the editors. (I figure some of you on LJ are serious writers, right?)

Surviving in Style: Tips and Tricks
Need a medically-minded writer/editor to collect succinct, realistic and informative desert camping survival "tips and tricks." To be published daily or randomly throughout the BRG issues. RE: The Dread "playa foot" - how to avoid it.

(from one of the editors:)
"No one is doing Surviving in Style, so if you would like to do that, it's yours. Tips and tricks about avoiding playa foot, keeping dust out of one's tent and out of one's hair, drinking water, etc. We can update to include the fashion-based tips, too. The tips should be both
helpful and fun. Run with it."

reply in LJ so that people can improve on your ideas as needed. The more input, the better.


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