Rachel Haywire (acidexia) wrote in burning_man,
Rachel Haywire

This is worth a try


I'm Happy. I have an ambition. My ambition is to go to Burning Man. I thought an event like this only existed in my dreams. When I found out about Burning Man... I was beautifully amazed.

Then I found out that it was $200 for a ticket.

I don't have any money. I'm broke. I'm also dying to go to this event. I need to go. I would give my soul for Burning Man.

I am a younger version of you. I was picked on in middle school to the point of psychiatry's definition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for being "weird". I have odd facial mannerisms. I spent 6 months in the loony bin for my ideas. My ex boyfriend thought that neither of us were human. This turned me on sexually.

I also kick a lot of ass.

I'm a writer. I was infamous on the net for a while. I created a my very own net-subculture a few years ago. I made self mutilation trendy. It's a long story.

There's my introduction. NOW... here is my proposal. I'll make it like an ad... inspired by the ridiculous price of a Burning Man ticket.

Are you lonely? Bored? Single? Would you like to go to Burning Man with an attractive and intelligent girl that you can have bizarre conversations with? Do you have an extra ticket to Burning Man? How would YOU like to take me?

And if this doesn't work... is there something I can do to help out with the event so I can go free of charge?

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