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37 days til...

My first time! I've been trying to get out to Black Rock City since I first learned of it, five years ago, through a group of people at a Crash Worship Concert. Black Rock is a long way from the rustbelt paradise of Cleveland, Ohio; and I've had extremely limited financial resources. But, I'm 30 this year, and while I feel I've retained my trustworthiness, I recognize that this is a benchmark of sorts, and made the commitment to see the Man when he Burns, in person.

Fortunately, some friends and acquaintances of mine who trekked out from Pittsburgh last year decided that Burning Man would be the perfect place to put up a haunted house. They've organized "Le Petit Guignol,"a horror & haunt themed camp which will be set up by the Death Guild's Thunderdome. My destination is utterly finalized!

Things I've done to get ready (not in any particular order):

1. Saved money like CRAZY. Literally a few bucks here and there since January. Getting my "Income Tax Relief" will help a lot too. Who'd have thunk it, a Republican administration helping me get to Burning Man?

2. Ordered my ticket (payment has cleared through the bank, but mail hasn't gotten here yet)

3. Found reasonably priced airfare from Cleveland to Reno (thank you, William Shatner), and made arrangements with a fellow camper to get a ride from Reno to Black Rock, and vice versa (thank you, Wicked Lester).

4. Bought a tent (thank you, eBay) and arranged to borrow an air mattress (thank you PJ).

5. Joined the Burning_Man LJ list.

6. Conceived of and begun mass production on nifty items to barter with... I wanted to share something whimsical, something naughty, and something I made myself. So I've spent the past two weeks tracing, cutting, and constructing pinwheels out of old pornography magazines which I found in the basement of my apartment building.

7. Helped to organize a fundraising party to help us get from the Great Lakes region to the alkalai lakebed region. We're holding it on August 4th at a bowling alley. I'll be reading tarot cards, one friend will be doing live fire-eating, another will be DJ-ing spooki music. All proceeds will go towards buying provisions to stock the camp.

8. Health preparations: I've begun drinking mass quanitities of H2O. I've also made damn sure I've got plenty of my meds (prozac and birth control!!!!).

Things I still need to do:

1. Paint my banner which will fly at the camp.

2. Scrounge around in the storage compartment to find my old pink prom dress from high school. That'll be great for Zombie-A-Go-Go night, but I've no idea what to use for Cenobite night...

3. Steal rebar from the construction site by the house, and get my friend to cut it down for tent stakes.

4. Actually order the airline tickets (should be done this weekend when my credit card payment is processed).

5. Devise some kind of shopping list for foodstuffs to buy in Reno. So far the only things I can think of are pop tarts and ravioli in a can. I can't cook in a kitchen, it'd be ridiculous for me to think I could create a meal on the playa. I wonder how many pornographic pinwheels I'd have to barter for a cheeseburger?

Am I missing anything?
I'd love to hear from fellow burners, first timers like me, or veterans with words of wisdom.

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