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We're flat broke, but hey - we do it in style....

Burning Solstinox: Connections

Burn-ing Sol-stin-ox n: definition

  1. The Saturday night halfway between burns, when we are equally distant from two burns and farthest away from any.
  2. A holiday of hope, rebirth, love, and the creative thrill of radical participation, when we celebrate playa joys in default.
  3. The night your burner friends from all around the bay will connect at SOMArts, 934 Brannan St, SF, 8PM-4AM.

Don't miss this one; we'll be halfway home!

As your psyche switches from its vault of dusty memories to new visions of chaos, spend an outrageous evening in a burning village that will keep that rocking playa vibe alive for another six months. We do this all volunteer, totally non-commercial, and following the 10 Burning Man principles, so radically include yourself and participate! From theme camps to theatrics to art cars, bring it on just like last year, to an environment filled with lighting, art, and a magical trace of dust in the air. Our theme this year is "Connections," and we invite you to create some of your own by joining us to do amazing things.

Link to Solstinox.com

This is a FUNraiser with all proceeds going to the Friends of Curtis fund, which has already grown to a couple hundred of us connecting to save an awesome burning musician's life and voice from cancer. So besides dressing up, bringing cash, and dancing till dawn, participate! Create amazing experiences for others by donating to the auction, performing, serving a one hour event team shift, or whatever your wickedly creative mind can imagine! The connections you make at this event will change lives forever, including your own.

$20 requested donation at the door, or get your name on the special backstage guest list for just $15.93 in advance, by clicking HERE!

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