Emperor Norton (phoenixsf) wrote in burning_man,
Emperor Norton

BORG2 is giving away a $1000 art grant March 4. Apply now for consideration

Just to give the heads up, those crazy miscreants, your slightly awkward siblings, over in the BORG2 project are making a special art grant of all the pennies they collected at the Flying Pig Sex Disaster back on Feb 5. These pennies are art just sitting there in a bucket. They are SPECIAL ART PENNIES blessed and purified with sexy blazing pig passion. They can be yours as an art material or if you choose cashed in to make art entirely unrelated to pennies. Personaly I hope some folks use the pennies as part of their art creation.

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the
'PILE 'O PENNIES' Art Grant Disaster - ENTER NOW!

BORG2 has a bunch of pennies and other misshapen but still legal US tender coins in its possession. Rather than spend about ten man-hours each for every ten dollars of coins left, BORG2 is going to grant THIS HUGE PILE OF COINS TO ONE LUCKY ARTIST. A real art grant, immediate resource gratification, just like we've been talking about for the last six million years. The dollar amount of the remaining pennies (and other coins) is somewhere around ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

The deadline for proposals is Wednesday, March 2. Voting will take place Friday, March 4. Details below.


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