sailorstarwind (sailorstarwind) wrote in burning_man,

Hunting a Stitch

I was told there was a stitch on here a while back. As in Lilo and Stitch

I can not remember his real name, but his playa name was Stitch. He was a first year burner in 2004, and I believe he plans to parachute into burning man one year. He was a lamplighter, but missed the burn itself (I think) He was talked to by an obstinate little lamp lighter, 12 years old, by the name of Sailor, who repeatedly poked him and called him stith, trying to make the name stick. HE is called stitch because of his proficiency at mimicking the little blue beast.

If you know where I can find this Stitch, please let me know. If possible, tell this Stitch that Sailor is looking for him.
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