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A Quinoline Dream

the temple is ON!

From another list:

hi all -

guess what...it's happening again! the following is a letter from one
of our own, mark grieve - who has stepped forward and taken the lead
for us on the '05 temple:

"friends of the temple project unite! here we go again - the
beginning of march traditionally marks the starting point for
sculpture out on the playa. here is what is going on with the temple.

i've been working on the overall design since we got back from our
last adventure. i proposed the plan to burning man and received word
that it was accepted, so we have a project for '05.

our current status is that we are waiting for our first installment of
the grant. i've asked bill, jeff, and jody to give me a hand getting
the thing going. i can't express the confidence that i saw the burning
man organization has in our crew. this was key to getting the grant.
the temple is the crew, no matter what the shape or style.

the pre-build is going to take place in petaluma at a new site. a
workday schedule will be posted accordingly.

i hope all of you are sharing in my enthusiasm about the project!
looking forward to seeing you all,

mark grieve"

more information and pictures will follow shortly, so stay tuned....
-bill c.


Message: 2
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 20:48:05 -0000
Subject: a bit more info...

hi again...

here's the brief summary info that's being sent to the burning man
organization about this year's temple:

"with a very generous grant from burning man, and the infamous temple
crew, we will be building this year's temple - the temple of dreams.

this year's temple is a family or series of shrines, spires, and
pagodas, woven together to create a village of temples. this village
is dedicated to the memories and hopes of everyone on the playa, so we
can acknowledge where we came from and where we are going.

mark grieve, '05"

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