Sequoia Rainbow Wild (choose_again) wrote in burning_man,
Sequoia Rainbow Wild

newbie introduction

can i get someone to write me a clear, straightforward and non-mysterious description of burning man? i'm trying to learn more about it so that i do not assume too much from the little tidbits i've picked up on.

for instance:
what does it look like?
is the point of it to be constantly overstimulating, or is there privacy and quiet available when you become overwhelmed?
what are the best and worse things about it?
is it illeagal or cultish or underground?
is there a lot of pressure to do drugs (including alcohol and cigarettes)?
what are the most common drugs that are done there?
is there a lot of pressure to be sexually permiscuous, and is the sex all public?
what kind of events are there, and what is the history behind them?
can anybody attend?
how is it regulated and organized?
how long is it and what is a typical day like?
is it unhealthy? do people abuse their bodies?
are people inebriated most of the time?
what kind of exhibitions are there and why?

i guess, most of all- why is it what it is and why do people go?

thanks a ton.
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