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Hullabalooo Burners

Hello all, I've been lurking for a while so I'd figured it would be only appropriate to introduce myself. '04 was my first Burn and I absolutly loved it. It wildest expectations failed utterly in light of what I actually became a party of. Unfortunately I just found out that I won't be watching the man burn this year. This alone is too bad, not to mention the fact that I'm almost done with a homemade geodesic tent that I was going to take. Oh well, there is always '06, yes? So I had a few questions.
1) can anyone direct me to a sight on homemade tents that they found helpful or know off?
2) would it be alright for me to live vicariously through the community members photos of their trip, by telling me where they post them?
3) and finally in an attempt not to completely miss out, I'm playing with the idea of buying the This Is Burning Man DVD off Amazon. Is it worth the money?

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