Victoria 7 (victoria7) wrote in burning_man,
Victoria 7

David Best "Temple" Project comes to SF!

With your help it can happen!

The San Francisco Arts Commission has asked the Black Rock Arts Foundation for its support in helping David Best and his Crew build a temporary installation at the center of the new Hayes Green, in the
spirit of the spectacular Temples they have constructed for several years at the Burning Man event.

Mayor Gavin Newsom will be unveiling this new public green space in early June near the junction of Hayes and Octavia, at the site where the Fell Street freeway overpass has come down. He has invited mayors
from cities around the globe to join him at the new Hayes Green in celebration of World Environmental Day and the 60th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter.

Work on the project must begin April 21st and be finished by June 2nd. In order for this project to move forward, $25,000 in private funding must be raised immediately!

We would very much appreciate your support. To learn more about the project, and to make a donation, click on:

Or, send your check to:

Black Rock Arts Foundation
(please note: David Best Hayes Green Project)
1900 3rd Street - First Floor
San Francisco, CA 94158

Thank you, thank you for your help!

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