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Black Rock Gazette is Cut

I'm sure a number of people have already heard this.

On April 11, 2005, Action Girl (BM Organizer) and Michael Durgavich (2004 BRG Publisher) announced during the Black Rock Gazette team meeting at BM Headquarters that the BM Organization has cancelled funding for the Black Rock Gazette. Apparently they needed to make some budget cuts and the "official" daily paper was one of them.

Details not complete but there will probably be a "gate" edition of the Gazette that you will get with your other paper guides and stuff on arriving at BRC, and that's all.

Staff of the former Gazette are discussing what to do, no decisions yet but there is great interest in producing a paper of some kind. Spock Science Monitor can't get away with inventing all the news and rumours!

Some news at

- Pantzooka Guy
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