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To Mega Theremin

The Mach12e: The Rise of the Machine (benefit in Seattle Saturday)

Life is movement. Everything transforms itself, everything modifies itself ceaselessly, and to try to stop it . . . seems to me a mockery of the intensity of life.
- Jean Tinguely

A fundraiser for THE MACHINE, one of the most technical and interactive sculptures to ever hit the playa! This multi-storied mechanical form will be created and destroyed by the inhabitants of Black Rock City. For a full description, visit You can see sketches, models and videos of the project at
Saturday, April 16th
@ Big Building - 3600 East Marginal Way South
(corner of Spokane and East Marginal Way S - under the viaduct)

$15 at the door 21+

We are 2/3rds of the way to our fundraising goal through a generous grant from Burning Man.

Come be a part of this historic project! On display will be parts of this work in progress. Enjoy a beverage from either of the two bars, and enjoy performances by:
MBlue ( This band makes you sit up and take notice with each rhythmic, melodic creation. There is no shortage of presence, perception and talent in this group. Frontman, Sloan Armitage, takes you on a lyrical journey into the unknown and reaches to the root of your soul with each carefully chosen lyric. With a commanding presence and a quirky candor he ropes you in and makes you listen, not only that, he makes you feel.

Variform ( Variform's rocking dance floor sets incorporate elements of IDM, hip-hop, downtempo and brokenbeats with a true turntablist style.

BR8 ( A turntablist in the tradition of Kid Koala, Q-Bert and DJ Shadow, BR8 builds songs right before your eyes and ears using only a single turntable, looping devices, and effects. His style is at the same time danceable, creative, and entirely unpredictable.

DJ Whatever ( Blending a mix of old school, funk, hip hop and breakbeats, you can expect just about anything out of DJ Whatever.

Pyrosutra ( Pyrosutra stands apart from other performance groups by creatively incorporating fire into the dance, gymnastics and intimate interaction of the choreography of their routines. Combining skills with dance, fire, stilts, character design and costume design create spectacular theatrical shows filled with diverse styles and themes.

Primary Element ( Primary Element is an Acrobalance / Fire troupe that combines elements acrobatics, gymnastics, capoeira and breakdance with elements of audience interaction.

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