Scott "Scix" Maddix (scixual) wrote in burning_man,
Scott "Scix" Maddix


I am in contact with the inventor and artist behind the Partybike:

I want Burning Man to have one. I want *us* to have one. The cost is
$13,750 + transport from port of NY.

That's a good chunk of change, and rather intimidating, but I think
it's a worthwhile cause (read around the site to see how the bike has
been used by other communities). It's clearly a COMMUNITY toy.

So what do you think? How would I best go about raising that chunk of
cash to get the bike for Burning Man? I'm thinking of donating it to
the Burning Man Community itself in some way, but I'd kinda like to
house it here in San Diego, maybe rent it out for events and community
fundraisers and teambuilding workshops and the like.

Any thoughts?

Also: Is there already one? This sounds like maybe I something I should ask BMorg about, huh?

This is no weirder than getting Ouchie the Clown to moderate board meetings...

(Edit: This seems well-timed, with regards to This Article...)
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