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Hair Stuff

As each day slowly brings me closer and closer to stepping foot on teh Playa again, I can't help but wonder . . . what am I going to do with my flippin' hair?!

I've sort of been considering putting my hair up in a couple buns in fishnets and leaving them that way for the week. I was also sort of considering spraying said buns in AquaNet to keep them from falling apart, thouh one would think wrappig them up in hair nets would do the job. (All this would be done so that I could wrap dread falls around the buns.)

Then I realized that would probably be REALLY gross after a week on the Playa. Really gross I can handle, but hair damaged beyond repair would suck . . . so would buns crusting and falling off my head. ;)

Does anyone have any cost-effective fun suggestions about what to do with straight, shoulder-length hair? I don't want to wrap my hair up in a scarf again each day if I can help it!
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