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The Man burns in 132 days, and I can't wait to go home!

CAPTION: Juicy Danger
YEAR: 1997

This year at Burning Man, I plan to do a daytime slow motion walking meditation along the following route: 6 to the Man. Man to 9. Esplanade to 3. 3 to the Man. Man to 6. (I may repeat this on another day as well, starting and ending at 12. Undecided.)

I've modelled the walk after a scene from the movie "Baraka," where a monk with a bell, singing bowl, and conical hat obstructing much of his vision (except for down) takes slow steps through a crowded urban street, ringing his bell at specific intervals. He seems completely internalized within the madhouse of every day life around him, and transcendental. This scene has resonated for quite some time, and I want to experience it. Not being a monk, nor wishing to pretend to be, I've been playing with how I might fashion my walk.

In my right hand, I'll have my tibetan altar bell, and I've been practicing to make sure I can get three strikes on every ring. The bowl I carry in my left hand, I am intentionally trusting to manifest at BRC. It will be filled with lava rock doused in rubbing alcohol, which should burn for each leg of the walk without needing refilling. (Alternate version, the bowl is filled with water, which I will try to not disturb with my walking. Again, this is a work in progress.) No vision obstructing hat. Goggles will do quite nicely, thank you. I will not speak. Any communication will be minimal, and will be comprised solely of eye contact and facial expression.

I plan to take a step... attempting to not disturb the surface of the liquid in the bowl. Ring the bell (D-D-Ding!)... wlistening to the tones diminish while concentrating on the sounds of the Playa and of the activity in BRC growing. When the tone has completely faded, and I am attuned to the sounds in the environment linked to the visual I am experiencing, I will take another step, ring the bell, etc...

Through this I hope to experience a full spectrum of nuances of the sounds and visions of the playa, all the while maintaining will and awareness of being removed from it. I hope to mentally go some unexpected and neccessary places. I expect the whole meditation to take me anywhere from 4-6 hours.

So, considering that this is an exercise in awareness of internalizing light and sound, can anyone recommend some good costume ideas? I'm playing with a few, but I'm trolling for other ideas. Thanks!
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