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Some of you may have already seen this, if so I apologize, but it's short so I'm not going to lj-cut it.

Can we please be smart enough not to build a fucking coal mine in the Black Rock Desert? I don't know how effective petitions are anymore, but it only takes 15 seconds to sign this thing and it won't hurt.


Here is a list of how it would effect the area:

The plant will release more than 50 dangerous pollutants, including arsenic, lead and mercury, into the air we breathe.

The power generated will be exported to Southern California, where the law prohibits this type of plant to be built.

Coal-fired plants are the nation's largest source of mercury pollution, known to affect children's learning abilities even with exposure to small amounts.

Clean alternatives are available that would cost the same and produce the same quantity of electricity.

The plant will consume 14.2 millions of gallons of scarce desert ground water every day—over 5 billion gallons a year—diverting water from plants and drinking holes relied upon by deer, elk and wild horses.

At more than twice the size of the Statue of Liberty, the plant's
650-foot tall smoke stack will tower over the desert landscape.

The plant's coal burner emissions would be equivalent to adding about two million cars to the roadways.

During the five years of power plant construction, an estimated 100-200 trucks and 800 workers will congest normally quiet roadways daily.

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