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LiveJournal Fleshmeet @ Burning Flipside

Attention Psychonauts and Travellers of Innerspace:

You are invited to the
Second Annual
Burning Flipside LiveJournal Fleshmeet
& Frank Worship

Saturday, May 28 at 3pm
at the Pavilion in Pyropolis

A chill afternoon gathering for LiveJournal users to meet other navel-gazing (the direction of innerspace) Burners. Users of other online journal and weblog software and the LJ-curious are also welcome. We'll exchange journal names, share a story or two, and maybe play a few rounds of Fluxx (unless we play that Mork & Mindy game again ...).

Bring food and drink or whatever you'd like to share, paper to write down the journal addresses of others, and your willingness to offer your soul to Frank the Goat (one of Shub-Niggurath's most photogenic offspring).

(crossposted to burningflipside, my journal and elsewhere, please RSVP to the Burning Flipside Post if you feel like commenting)
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