I may not look it, but I'm interested (tiarastar) wrote in burning_man,
I may not look it, but I'm interested

looking for playa friends!

I posted this back in February or so...but it's getting closer to the date, so I'm putting out the word again since I've not been in touch due to other issues, but nothing that is going to keep me from traveling home this year!

All my friends have bailed on me in respect to going to BRC this summer...Family duties, and work related hold ups (whatever the reason)

So I'm possibly looking for a camp, something fun and drama free, lots of fun that is...I am self-reliant and full on interested in being participatory this year!

This will be my 2nd burn, let me know what you may have going on, and if you want some new blood in your camp...


ps...any one interested in hanging out in the SF area for the hell of it, let me know too...
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