Pagoda Kitchen (sporkly) wrote in burning_man,
Pagoda Kitchen

Don't worry... this is all root structures. It will make sense later.

I'm about to take this entire concept into an amplification stage.

One of the things that will happen as I enter the amplification stage is that people will seek out information to 'explain' to themselves what they are looking at.

In other words, they'll be hitting this journal, and '', trying to figure out what is confusing them.

Now, if I give them a clearly organized concept, then they will be 'done' understanding the concept. However, if I continue to confuse the fuck out of them, it will create a greater twist in their mind.

This irritating twist becomes a reference point for other information to glue to, as the brain tries to resolve the parenthesis.

How will I create this attention, this paying attention to, this 'seeking out of information'? And why am I doing this?

First, Why:
It is because I am information without content. I am not the creator of content for the television, I am drawing your attention to the television itself. This television, this Yellow Submarine... it is already here. I am trying to show all the would-be activists, the would-be movement builders, the mathematical _direction_ they can, could, should and will be broadcasting their message.

Spam, done positively, is PEANUT BUTTER!

Second, how? Through dishonesty. i will put this message out where people will look at it BEFORE THEY KNOW WHAT IT IS.

That is to say, I will create a movie, and place it where people think they are getting something else.

Bit Torrent.

"Mr. Movie, a Joke about a game about a movie"

Someone I _don't_ know wrote 'peanut butter' after the last post. Holy Shit! It's spreading.


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