Pink Monster (iceblink) wrote in burning_man,
Pink Monster

Music and parties

It is August 1st....there are 24 days left before I leave to set up our theme camp.

insomnia, deselis, and I will be arriving on August 25th to set up camp. Please, please, please, let me know what day you plan to arrive.

I am willing to do one trip to Reno to pick up people from the airport. I am willing to take those people back on Sunday the 2nd. I am leaving the 3rd and will not have room in the truck for extra passengers.

What kind of music themes would you like to see at LJ Camp. We need to make a solid decision soon so that I have time to get and/or burn the music. I would also like to be able to broadcast theme dances on the playa news.

We will probably NOT do a formal anything on Saturday night (the night the man burns) so that everyone can take in the full specter of THE MAN.

Your input is what will make LiveJournal Camp a memorable place.

During the day, we invite people to write in our journals, and do whatever kind of performing they want to (guitar, flute, banjo, whatever), poetry reading, story reading, or whatever they want. They MUST write in the journals to get a passport stamp.

What happens at night completely depends on your feedback. Otherwise, it will be left up to Mark and Kirsten as to what happens at night. PLEASE your response is important to us.


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