a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl (catling) wrote in burning_man,
a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl

I need volunteers for a very important Burning Man project. Whereas the Eye of Sauron has been spotted in our skies, El Shrub is clearly the local Saruman equivalent, bent on destruction and the Patriot Act is clearly the local equivalent of the One Ring (or close enough that it will do as a symbol)....

We must perform Once More With Hobbits at Burning Man this year, and have a firepit that represents Mount Doom and burn a printed copy of the Patriot Act in its flames.

If you're planning to go this year and like to sing, please sign up. Even if you don't think you're pro enough, it's the symbolic, ritual magic gesture of this that is needed, not perfect pitch.

If you don't want to perform in this, please try to show up and cheer us on, I will post details on where this will be performed at Burning Man, once I have them.

I was going to play Frodo, but now I can't decide. I think I might actually prefer to play Samwise Gamgee. Well, anyway, if you want to be part of this madness, speak up, please and tell me what part or parts you think you might want to do. If I can not get a full cast, then we can just do selected scenes, but we MUST have a Frodo and a Samwise, to do the burning the One Ring at Mount Doom scene. That is ESSENTIAL.

I suppose I can just do a complete seat of my pants endeavor and recruit at Burning Man if I can't get people enough for this beforehand. But one way or the other, this WILL happen at Burning Man this year.
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