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burning man essentials!!

First and foremost I would like to apologize if this is considered spam or offensive to anyone... It is mearly our tribute and contribution to to an event that inspires so many!!!! We have been making goggles, hair falls and unique creations for about 6 years now... Recently one of our admirers recommended that we let the burning man community know what we were up to... So here it goes!!! I hope you all like them...

We made these fading foam falls and seperate tribute goggles (yes you can see through them!) for the ultimate burning man enthusiast!!

All the backgrounds on our goggles are removable and swapable, that way you can take them out for 100% visibility. there are many designs to choose from and the goggle colors themselves are completely up to you... They are totally customizable!!! Every thing we have shown here are just a small amount of examples compared to what we can do!!!

For those of you that like the more tribal, bellydancing look we have our more natural sets. and yes, we can flame retard these dreads by request for the poi and flame dancers alike.

As always we have them available for near immediate shipment via either our custom website or our current ebay auctions!!

View our auctions!!!
view our custom website!!!

Feel free to email us with questions or requests. We respond to everyone!!!</font>

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