C. (glamazonwarrior) wrote in burning_man,

Calling all Amazons, Valkyries, Shield Maidens and other warrior women and fighting femmes....

I originally posted this on the e-playa, but figured I'd crosspost it here.

Camp Amazon is recruiting!

We've applied for official space, and expect a fairly small themecamp (6-15 people). We have recently had some attrition mostly due to workstuff, and so are taking on new members.

Thus far, we are planning workshops in leatherworking, and foam weapons construction (mostly using the PVC and funnoodle method), we'll have Turkish coffee available in the mornings for especially caffeine addicted camp members, a community kitchen, general communal hang out area, an armoury where we'll have the workshops, a lighted training circle, and an obstacle course.

We have some costuming pieces, will have banners at the front of camp, and I'm making matching bracers for tribe members.

Our Yahoo Group is where we're doing the bulk of our planning. If you want to join us, join the Yahoo Group, and fill out the questionnaire or post an introduction.
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