mariclare (tearose) wrote in burning_man,

so i had pretty much decided not to go to burning man this year, because of school, and i'm also trying to save money for a trip to mexico and guatemala this coming winter. but last night i had this dream of being intensely depressed about missing it. i seem to remember in the dream being at burning man for a split second--and then having to leave. and just having been in that intensified reality, back to normal life, was just so depressing in my dream that i was so upset and just so desperate to somehow get back, and i couldn't find a way, and it was killing me that burnign man was happening and i wasn't there.
so i'm thinking, maybe i'll go. maybe i'll leave thursday night, miss school on friday, stay the weekend, and return on labor day. and i have a burning man scholarship, so i only have to pay $95 at the gate. i'm realizing that i can pull this off without missing much school and without spending too much money. now my only obsticle is finding a ride...
well i'm glad i finally came to a decision which makes me happy. :D
see you on the playa!
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