Pink Monster (iceblink) wrote in burning_man,
Pink Monster

Shopping and the Like

LNT #3 - Shopping, you know you're out there right

But how do I shop and plan for food for the Playa?

- Rethink your packaging when shopping for the
desert. What you don't bring won't plague you later.
Stock up on a few half-gallon size Tupperware
containers and leave the cellophane, plastic wrap,
excess cardboard and other cruddy packaging at home!
You'll have less to lug and plenty to reuse in the

- Avoid bringing tons of food (you won't be hungry)
and don't bring food that spoils (ice melts fast).
Meltable foods aren't that great (chocolate liquefies
out there) and really, when you do eat, you just
inhale whatever it is and run back out again.

- Bring water in big reusable plastic containers, and
have a personal canteen. If you bring dozens of
plastic bottles, you must take every one of them home
with you!

- Plan simple meals. You won't want to a lot of
cooking, you probably will never get around to it.
Bring food that's out of its packaging, in reusable
containers, ready-to-eat! Freeze juice in reusable
containers. Use in place of ice to cool your food,
refresh your palate, and to hold something else after
you finish it. Leave that stew at home.

- Eat finger foods that do not need individual
plates. If you do need plates and gravitate toward
disposable cups and plates. Save yourself a headache
by scraping off the food, then stack and/or burn them
before you toss em.

- Bring reusable cups, mugs or glassware, not
Styrofoam cups, they tend to blow around and get swept
all over the playa. Also recycle melted ice - use
for showering, spray bottles, or squirt guns, instead
of dumping melted ice on the playa. Wet playa is mud.

- Leave your liquor bottles at home. Decant your
single-malt scotch into your favorite flasks, or pour
those 18 bottles of vodka into a reusable dispenser
(it adds a certain mystique to have Limonaya on tap)!
Glass is one of the worst problems on the playa,
because every little shard of accidentally broken
glass must be cleaned up by hand (oh, my aching back).
So -- plan ahead, and leave it behind!

- Don't bring cheap trinkets for barter. Try giving a
smile or a joke. Think how you will feel if your
"gift" ends up among the trash that other people have
to pick up after Burning Man.

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