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ATTN Seattle-area Burners! Some of our people are homeless after a fire last night...

[re-posted from a zillion local email lists and x-posted to my jrnl]


The signs at the above address were posted last night. They
are signs from Critical Massive, and were made by Pope and Josh in Jon's
shop. As most of you know, there was a fire last night at Jon's shop,
destroying the business of all three burners. Also, Josh lost all his
belongings. If you are able, please bring donations of clothing for Josh
to the burn night (size m-l shirts, 34-36 pants, dark colors preferred,
size 12 shoes).

We are donating 100% of those proceeds from the sale of these signs
towards the fund for these guys. The sale ends on sunday at 10:30 pm, and
all signs will be delivered to the burn night for pick-up. Any sign not
sold will be put up for auction at a future burn night.

Burn night is located at ConWorks on Monday nights, 500 boren ave. See you
there at 8pm.

-- from email sent by diem, Burning Man Project Co-Regional//seattle

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