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More on SEATTLE Burners out of house and home...Paypal info

I'll post a snail mail address for item donations as soon as I have one. For now, here is Paypal info:

re-posted from list email written by Miss Amani w/ emphasis added:

So it's time to rally more help, people. This time it's really bad. Jon
Taylor's shop, also temporary home for many folks we know, also home base
for the Seattle Comic News, burned down last night.

Turns out a work light fell on a pile of cargo netting and set it ablaze,
'round midnight. The place is gutted, and Jon has some insurance, but his
personal and business things aren't covered. He is going to need real help.
He's got a paypal account- jonwtaylor@hotmail.com PLEASE send anything you
can. Really. I know that maybe you just helped others buy new glasses, and
other funds, but please dig a little deeper and help Jon out. His entire
business and livelihood has been effectively shut down.

www.paypal.com <http://www.paypal.com> is the address, and you can send it
to Jon via his email address above.

Thanks, all!

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