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Help build the Burning Man camp

As you all should know by now, we plan on having a LiveJournal camp at Burning Man. The problem is, this is our first year and we just don't have the organization yet that established camps of several years would have. Lots of the people at LiveJournal who are going to Burning Man are only just beginning to tackle all the work that goes into surviving in style in the middle of a desolate, yet starkly beautiful desert.

Numerous LiveJournalers will be at the camp, and, even more importantly, a ton of visitors will be visiting the camp. Because of the LiveJournal Camp's idea of having people fill out entries in journals, the people running Burning Man have named our camp as one of the few Theme Camps for the Mausoleum, so we expect to be located very near the esplanade... the main strip of Burning Man.See the map. We should be located at/near one of those little skull & crossbones, we think.) In other words, we expect to have thousands of visitors to the camp over the course of the week.

My wife and I are going to be paying a lot of the bill for making this a reality, but it's getting expensive... really expensive. The most expensive thing about it all is that we will need a very large tent, really, really soon to shelter 30+ people and provide a center to the camp where all the activities can take place. Such a tent might easily cost us over $600. I would like to be able to buy something nice enough and large enough that will suit LiveJournal's needs for years... ideally something that we could use for other events, too. The problem is, good tents that shelter a lot of people cost a lot of money. So do other things that we are getting like a little DJ system, journals, extra food and water, tools, a basic kitchen area for people to use / share, renting a vehicle to haul all the stuff in, etc.

As a result, I am asking for donations to the LiveJournal camp fund. All of the money donated will go towards providing services that the entire camp can appreciate... things like a private area for people to take sunshowers, basic communal food & beverages, a generator to light the camp at night, an elwire sign that will go above the camp and ideally help you to find the camp at 2am at night, and other things of the sort.

Click on the button to make your donation!

If you are going and would like to contribute to the cost of having a camp, or if you just want to make sure LiveJournal is well-represented, please donate appropriately. A suggested donation of $15 per person who intends to be at the LiveJournal camp is appreciated, but so is anything you can afford.


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