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Another bike question (post playa care)

Hi all! Just a quick quesion about post-playa bike rehab here... Last year I took a pretty crummy bike out with me, and it did a good enough job. Sadly, that bike has since been destroyed gone to bicycle heaven.

This year, I have a new bike that I would like to bring to the Playa. It's a good-enough-for-me Schwinn Jaguar (beach cruiser) but I got it pretty cheap ($99) at Target... But I digress!

QUESTION: Since this is now my ONLY bike, and I know the Playa can be rough on them, what kind of care would y'all recommend for when I get back from BM with it? I've never had to do much bicycle care in my life, and need to know what kinds of services to request at the shop, and what I might be able to do by myself...

Many thanks, and I'll see you all in a few weeks!! ^_^
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