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A gift for the Burning Man Community - To get you all excited

Last year I completed my 2nd (and 3rd 4th and 5th) Burning Man videos and I put them all on a DVD to gift out at the local (Vancouver BC) regional Burner Parties

I gifted them out to as many as I could - but there was only so many people who could get them (and only so many resources for the physical copies) and few people who could play them (DVD player issues)

Since I cannot afford to go to the Playa this year (and therefor cannot be present to gift anymore copies)
I have decided to share the videos on the DVD with my LJ Burner friends who can share it with their burner friends.

1. In order to save the server (wich l2oto has so generously donated )from being overrun and slashdotted - I have had them posted as Bit-torrent files so that all the downloaders can (in the spirit of community) share the bandwidth. Go here to get the download utility

2. The files have been encoded with the DIVX codec to keep the file sizes small - to play them on your media player you may need the DIVX codec installed - you can get it here

with me so far? clear as mud? Good.... now onto the goodies

3. NOW you can get the videos here

What these are
BM03 = my burning man video from 2003
BM04 = My Burning Man video from 2004 Into the Vault of Heaven
Gnome = Gnome Chomsky at Burning Man (Garden Gnome)
recomp03 = Vancouver BC regional Burner party 2003
recomp04 = Vancouver BC regional Burner Party 2004

I do hope you all enjoy them - and hopefully I will see yuo all in 2006

In accordance to the Orgs media rules - these videos are only meant for Burners and family and friends of Burners for private screening . NOT for public consumption. NOT for public screening , not for commerical use. etc
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