Dokktorwho222 (dokktorwho222) wrote in burning_man,

three questions...

One is: I wonder if there is anyone doing any tatooing out on the playa. The sterility issue would be a hinderance, but i'm sure there are ways around it. Has anyone ever heard of it being done?

Two is: How much different is BRC and the playa from Death Valley? I spent a week camping out there 2 years ago and some of the places i went were pretty damn desolate and dry and hot as hell.

Three is: i have thought that art based on popular culture would be pretty cool. Not this year but at some point in the future i would like to build a TARDIS and bring it out to sit on the playa. (Anyone know what a TARDIS is?) Or something like... a life sized Optimus Prime statue. How do you think burners would react to art like this?
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