Uloixia (uloixia) wrote in burning_man,

Tent for sale


I've got a huge 7 person tent that I have to get rid of. You can fit 2 airbeds in it plus a bunch of other stuff and still have room to change, walk around, etc. Great for tall people as it's over 6' high in the center.

It's seen BM once, and I've laundered it well. Everything's intact except I've somehow misplaced the carry bag along the way. But from what I recall it's no great loss as it was too small anyway. It comes with the wimpy little tie down stakes, but of course the first thing you should do is toss them and get some rebar. The mesh is unripped, no broken or missing parts, it's clean, in the box even.

Why am I getting rid of it? It's too big for us (2 people) and we need every square inch in our truck (not to mention the money for gas).

It's a $129 tent that I'm asking $50 for, firm. If you or anyone you know needs a great tent that can be put up by one person in about 10 minutes, let me know. If it's not sold by Wednesday, I'm going to put it up on Ebay.

I'm located in the SF bay area, San Mateo to be specific, though I'm willing to take it down to Cupertino/San Jose or figure out something about getting it to SF.

The pictures are here and I took photos without the rainfly as it was in the washer at the time. But you can see what it looks like with the rainfly on the box.

Please reply to my email which is at the top of the tent photo webpage. Thanks!

Edit: The tent has a tentative new owner, thank you.

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