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greetings from winterpeg

!    sitting here combatting office drudgery and dreaming of the playa, i stumbled across this community while on my daily deviations from productivity. this year will be my first burn! i've been wanting to come home for years now but sadly the distance and financial matrix has kept me prarie bound until this year. august 26th i will embark with my man on a two day drive south to the black rock.

this past year has been a time of great metal developement and shift for me - presently i feel as though i have reached some sort of ..... pinnacle? i feel as though i've finally gotten the courage to climb to up highest diving board and now i'm stuck up here, unsure of how i should jump.

i have a feeling the burn is going to help me figure out how to jump.....

because i know i'm ready!


sorry for the philosophical rant there but it's really how i feel! and i thought you perhaps may be interested! and now my gift to your ears can be found by clicking here. you may aleady be familiar - but it's one of my favorite stations! enjoy!

..... see you on the playa!


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