Dokktorwho222 (dokktorwho222) wrote in burning_man,

Burning Man Dreams:

So i arrived at Burning Man and it looked like a series of connected rooms (like in Masque of the Red Death). I stopped in this one pretty elaborate room where this beautiful girl was just siting behind wooden desk/bar. I started talking to this guy who was walking around and asking him questions. He siad that the girl was doing brandings. So, after i asked her if she would do one for me she started drawing what looked like a horse skull on a piece of tracing paper. The guy said that for payment he would take some pens. He reached into a fishbowl that i was holding and took out several highlighters and pens. Then when i went to talk to the girl again her drawing had changed to circles attached by thin lines. She asked me if i liked the design. I said that i did and she told me to lean up against the bar. Another guy showed up to assist her and she heated a piece of wire. She siad somethign about it was going to smell funny since i had some hair on my back, and then pushed the wire into my flesh. That one didn;t hurt too much. Then she made a smaller circle and pushed that one in - that one hurt and i winced at the pain. After it was done, i looked in the mirror and thought that although it didn't look like what she had drawn, it still looked pretty cool. She gave me the paper that she had drawn on. I took it down some stairs into the "basement" and started drawing on it in color. I added some rainbow colors and some connecting lines along with some drops of color running (like water). I took the drawing back upstairs and showed it to her. She thought it was amazing and she and i both initialed it. She took the drawing, showed it to her assistant and then hung it on the wall of her place.

I find this of some signifigance because i usually don't dream in color. It's unusual for me to remember feeling an exact feeling of pain too.

i think as the time draws closer i'm going to have more and more BM dreams.

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