There's Always Room for Jill-o (xtingu) wrote in burning_man,
There's Always Room for Jill-o

Camera... and weather

Hey all--
I've been carefully watching the brcweather feed, and I can't help but notice that the nighttime temps don't seem to be particularly cold.  Is it just me?  Last year's nights were sooooo damn cold.

But hey, I have an unrelated question:

I have a zillion-year-old digital camera.  I wanna bring it to BRC.  I don't care if it gets a little screwed up as long as it still works. 

With that said, are there any precautions I should take while schlepping it around the playa with me?  Should I carry it in a baggie, or will that just get annoying?  It has a little slidey-cover to shield the lens.  Sadly, because it's old, it is huge (well, by today's teeny digital camera standards anyway).  Whatcha think? 
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