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Burning Man is Dead.......

Burning Man is dead……….

That's right kids. The funeral is scheduled for sometime in the next two weeks. Please do not shed tears. For those who are not…….are not. I plan to say my goodbyes this year as should all of you.

We have come to a time I feel we should break free from this conformed non-conformity and begin again.

It's nice to know we're truly free right? We've proven it. Okay, so where does that leave us? What has that tought us? And where do we go now.

I'm going to step up onto my jaded soapbox with a beer & megaphone in hand and give the rant I've been promising for so long.

I'm so over this "experiment" in the desert it's rediculous. It's lost it's merit for me. The thrill is gone. The honeymoon is over.

Where did the excitement go? The only people I know that are REALLY excited about it are people going for their first or second times. Am I missing something here? I now have to worry about taking a piss anywhere other then a funky ass porto potty and getting a ticket when all I used to worry about running over people FUCKING in the middle of the desert. Why do we focus so much energy on a false utopia?

I really hope I have my ass handed to me on a platter and re-have the time of my life but I'm not going to pretend it's the most amazing thing in the world when it's really not. I challenge myself to have an experience or experiences out there that blow my mind so wide open that I just have to return next year. I sure hope I do cause I've got a lot of reasons to be pissed off if I return from another rough year out there. I won't allow it to happen. I apologize ahead of time for those of you whom I may inadvertently run over (metaphorically speaking) in my week out there.

It's funny because of what Burning Man has done for my life……... I have gained………..and lost, some of the most special and important people in my life because of it. Some of them more important to me than my own family. Many people may say that's fucked up and my priorities are out of whack.

I couldn't agree more.

Feel free to discuss and tell me just how wrong I am. If someone would like to escort me to the bright side of the moon I'm all ears.

What is it about this wicker dude in the desert that makes us all act so fucking crazy? Step so far out of our comfort zones? Push our own boundaries, imaginations, creativity, limitations, pocketbooks and bodies so far.

I read an amazing article - some time ago by John Perry Barlow, someone I met @ Gathering of the Tribes in LA a few years back about how Burning Man is a perfect control mechanism for our government because how much time and effort otherwise talented, intelligent and powerful people are putting into it. These people could be making the changes happen that we so desperatly need. Take time to read it, it's a great article.

What if these 40,000+ people spent 1/10th of the time, money and resources on this "project" doing something for their own communities. On something sustainable. Picture how incredible THAT might be.

Don't wait till the desert to live your dreams, do it every day to the best of your ability, in your own life, and for the people who deserve it around you.

So I ask of you, consider instead of continuing to work as a cog on this machine that has become "The Man". Take your wrench and oil somewhere else next year. Be original next year. Try something new. Create something new.

I'm going to.
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