Kaellie (sexualjesus) wrote in burning_man,

To those who are jaded about the event.

It seems to me as though many have allowed Burning Man to become "a week of partying in the desert" which is not really what its about. I see a lot of people who have allowed the event to become "a party in the desert" for themselves, and are ticked that people they did not invite are now showing up to what was once "their Party" so, in short, they are "taking their toys and going home" I think that is just sad.

Personally, I would hope that this year be one that blows your mind wide open. I also hope that you truly belive in spending your resources in making your community better, as that is the point of BM. it is an experiment in how to really create community, without boundaries, across social lines, and without commerce. My question then becomes what have you done the other 51 weeks of the year to continue this community in your home town? My guess, nothing. I'd guess you don't even know the first name of your next door neighbor. I could be wrong, but that's why it's just a guess.

You will find at this event what you want to find. you will take home what you choose to take home.

Stop looking to "re-have" the time of your life. by doing so you are obviously looking to recreate and experience that you have already had, but it's impossible, since you are no longer the same person that you were a few minutes ago, let alone a few years ago. The time of your life is what you make of it, every moment of every day. You may be dead by the time you finish reading this post, and if so, how would you feel about the last few moments you spent on earth? Stop looking to re-lose your virginity, you can't do it. All you can do is look to enjoying the next experience for what it is.

The past, is past... whoops! there it goes again! So stop tring to live in it. Look to promising yourself a learning experience. Look to opening your eyes to new ways of communicating with people. Not just at Burning Man, but every where, every day.

Start allowing yourself to see the world through the eyes of the present, instead of only looking to repeat the past.

I know which I will be doing.

Good luck and good fortune to you.

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