Dynamite with a lazerbeam (bohemianrapsody) wrote in burning_man,
Dynamite with a lazerbeam

I'm so weary of reading long-time burners whining about the demise of BM. I don't know what other people's expectations are when they head out to the desert. I don't know if people expect the "event" to change their lives (as I've read, it has for some and that's wonderful ) I can only speak for myself when I say I'm the same person in the "default world" as I am at Burning Man. I have no made-up playa name. I DO find emotions run more extreme in the desert. In the years I've gone, I've found myself ruminating over the enhanced sense of self when I've returned. My priorties have shifted a bit and I've become a stronger individual, physically, spritually, and creatively.
I have noticed a disturbing sense of feeling how life can be quite banal when I return to my life in the midwest (yes, I know the word for that: Decompression)
It's difficult to be radical and self-expressive when one works in an office cubical. I've found myself feeling quite distant from my co-workers and start to seperate my aquaintances and friends into "Burners" and "non-burners" (Anyone else find themselves doing that?)

After reading the recent posts on this community and the E-playa, I'm more determined to make even more interactions and friendships with people at BM this year. If I see a newbie throwing garbage down, I'll kindly tell him to respect the playa. If I see someone who doesn't "get it", I'll make an attempt to converse with them instead of just sighing and thinking "there goes the neigborhood." Despite the yahoos, Burning Man is still the most creative, most hopeful, most passionate event (for lack of a better word) I've ever experienced.
I've journeyed to BM since 2000, with the exception of missing last year. I'm anticipating this year more than ever. Missing last year has made me realize how much I long for some of the most magical moments I've ever had.
My point is pretty fundemental: Respect other people; life is what you make it, and have no expections.
If you see a girl with neon clothing and black mylar "hair" stop and say hi to me. See you on the playa!

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