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Leeeeavin', in an Arrr Veeee...

So- my Fellow Burners, I am leaving for the Burn on Friday Morning the 26th (this is the Friday before Burning Man starts). I'm helping my theme camp build (Go Prometheatrics, can I get a w00t w00t!)- and I plan on entering the Playa at 12:01am Saturday Morning. I would even be open to leaving earlier is there was a way to get *in* earlier (wink wink, you know someone?).

I am leaving from Los Angeles (the Valley, to be specific) in an RV. I'm driving straight through- and I am looking for people who need a ride and who would like to ride up in style, with a bathroom, and can help with the associated costs for Gasoline. I realize that I am the guy who wants to take an RV to the Burn- so I wouldn't expect someone to actually *split* the costs- but $40 or so sounds good. And the more, the merrier as far as the trip goes. I am leaving after the Temple burns on Sunday night (since I have to be at work on Tuesday...).

If anyone is interested in a ride up in comfort, with a bed and all- please do let me know. Reply to this or email me directly at


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