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UPDATE: He is no longer taking the bus but is taking a much smaller vehicle so rides are no longer available.

A friend of mine is departing from Tucson, AZ for Burning Man on Thursday and just had a few ride-alongs bail on him. So I am doing him a favor and posting this in case anyone needs a ride from that area or from somewhere along the way.

Big black sinister bus looking for riders to the playa. We will be leaving from Tucson and travelling to the playa by way of California.
• Leaving Tucson - Thursday Night (Aug 25)
• Leaving LA - Friday Morning (Aug 26)
• Pick up EvilLittleBlue - Friday late afternoon (Aug 26)
• Arrival to the Playa - Saturday Afternoon (Aug 27)
• The departure time from the playa is still up in the air. So far those of us already scheduled to ride on the bus are open to leaving at any time.
I ask that you chip in $60 for gas from Tucson.

If interested contact Topher at lookimaweird1@yahoo.com

Now I haven't seen the bus (he is picking me up in Stockton) so I don't know any further details other than what he typed out for me to post here. So please direct all your questions to his email address.
Thank you!

by the way... we're a goofy bunch, so if it helps to sway you... you can expect to have a lot of fun on the ride out to the playa alone. :oP

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