chris (_fool) wrote in burning_man,

events you'll be hosting/attending on the playa?

hi folks,

the anticipation is killing me slowly, but i think i'll make it out there--i have a fine distracting road trip starting in about 40 hours and some good company for the long drive from austin. my art is coming together tonight, now that i've finished all the necessities.

so now a fool wants to know what's happening on the playa! i'll be greeting a few shifts (notably 8-12 on weds and the wee hours of tuesday morning) and doing some playainfo help, lamplighting and post officery, but i have little planned aside from my art and volunteerism (if you spy a 17' long graffiti board out next to a hammock-bearing shade structure, stop by and add to it; if you spy a guy covered in henna tattoos with purple hair stop me and add to my body art!).

i'm wondering what events you folks are hosting and what else is out there that you consider must-see? i'll be doing some yoga when i can manage it and whatever else happens to float by, but i'd love to hear what you know about so i can add to my list of "should do this" type thingies while i'm out there =)

this will be my second big burn, and while i'm feeling comparatively overprepared, i'm all happy at the prospect of a return home. *burble burble smirk whee*

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