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More info on the big steam locomotive

Okay, the steam locomotive will be making a service stop in Gerlach itself on Tuesday, August 30. I just confirmed that. It will probably be there between 1 and 2 PM, but could arrive anytime between noon and 4 PM.

I am told they are going to put on a bit of a show when they pass Black Rock City (whistle, smoke, etc.) before they do their water stop in Gerlach.

They're looking forward to seeing Burners out there. It has been suggested that everyone be on the south side of the railroad tracks to minimize the crowd in Gerlach itself. Also, BE CAREFUL. This is a live railroad. Do not park next to the tracks or be walking on them. When it arrives, follow the instructions of the crew.

It sounds like the crew would like to do a photo shoot with as many Burners as they can with the locomotive itself. In Playa regalia, partly clad, nude, body painted, whatever, provided we can do it in a way that does not upset the folks in Gerlach or get the police down on us. And, as mentioned, since this is a crew of guys, they would really like to have lady Burners posing with their engine.

I've been told the bus would be a good option for those who are already in the city. For those coming up on Tuesday who want to stop, just remember to not clog up the highway and be careful when/if you cross the road.

This is all totally unofficial. Just taking advantage of their water stop to give the Burners a little treat.

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