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LiveJournal camp location announced!

Although this is only the first year of LiveJournal camp at Burning Man, we are getting one of the best locations available for our site. We will be located at 6:45 and The Infant, which is right next to Center Camp. (see the map... the skull marks the spot.)

What this means is that LiveJournal Camp will be a great place to stay if you want easy access to just about anywhere at Burning Man. It also means that LiveJournal will have a lot of visitors and be a very visible camp.

I wanted to thank those of you who have contributed to the camp. Due to the generosity of a few LiveJournalers, we have around half the money we need for a tent. We can use more though, so if anyone ( especially those who plan on visiting or being a part of the camp) can help out a bit, it would be appreciated. At this point, I think we can get a tent for about $650 plus tax (and hopefully not shipping...) that would be big enough. That will be a great start for our camp. We need to order the tent in the next five days, so please get in your donations (whatever you can afford) as soon as possible.

Click on the button if you want to make a donation. Every little bit helps, and will help us make the camp a reality. Oh... and if you are a LiveJournal user staying at another camp, please check in with us. We're going to have some fun activities that will allow you to meet fellow LJers, so you just might end of going back to the real world afterwards with not only a lot of playa dust and the spirit of the burn, but some lasting friendships as well.


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