evillittleblue (evillittleblue) wrote in burning_man,


I realize the this is horribly last minute to post here
I am probably too late even if there WAS a chance
and that this is even a long shot as it is....
but I figure it can't hurt to ask.

Is there any burner or group of burners who are driving back east via I-80 the following weekend after the end of Burning Man? (again I know, I know... what are the chances of THAT happening)

Reason I ask is the Monday that concludes the week of Burning Man I am returning to my home in the Sacramento area of California.... finish packing up my world (I am getting most of it done before i leave for BM).... and moving to Ohio. And it would be nice to have a caravan in case you or I have any car troubles.... plus company is always a plus for at least a portion of the ride.

Please don't let this detract from my above request.... but here is a pic of one of the hand painted dust masks I will be gifting out during the week.

Yes, it is non-toxic paint for those who are wondering.
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