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Two Burning Man Tickets Available

We were really looking forward to BM this year, but we have unavoidable problems.

Some of you who may be on my friends list have read about some of the landlord / tenant issues that have been ongoing for a few months now. This has culminated in a couple of court dates with a third date in two weeks and we are now in the midst of some intense negotiation with the landlord that will seriously impact our future.

Unfortunately we have, with reluctance and regret, decided to not attend BM this year. We were really looking forward to meeting LJ people too.

So we have two tickets available. We are not into making money on this, we will be happy to sell them for the price we paid which is $330 ($165 each). We do need to sell them as a pair rather than individually.

If you have any interest, or know someone who does, please contact us privately for more detail.

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