Burning ghost without a name (kaalin) wrote in burning_man,
Burning ghost without a name

Before you head out... a little safety tip

So your ready to go to the desert... you've got your water... your food... everything that your gonna need for a week in the middle of some of the most extreme environment in the world. You may be the absolute safest person in the world... never had an accident in your life. But the playa has a wierd way of warping peoples perceptions of safe. Remember... whats safe to you... may not be safe to others. Keep an eye out around you and whats going on in your surroundings. While you may be enjoying your 8th mixed drink... just walking along... The person with the flame thrower 5 feet from ya may be on his 15th drink... and just a little skewed in his perceptions. A trip to the hospital in Reno can really suck right in the middle of the event. Enjoy yourself above all else... but always keep an open eye. Remember... safety third.
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