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Rideshare offer (I-80 East post-burn)

I'm on my way to Black Rock right now (I'm in a hostel in SLC at present), and would like to offer a ride to/from the Playa

I'm offering two rides at present:
I will be heading to Black Rock from Reno on Thursday morning (I'm volunteering with Emergency Services, which means I need to be on site for a Friday AM shift).

Post-event, I will be heading back to Boulder, CO (I-80 East until Cheyenne, WY, then I-25 south to denver). I will more than likely be leaving on Monday 9/5.

I have room for one passenger plus hand luggage (a large expedition backpack would be about the extent of it). Splitting driving is optional (automatic transmission), splitting gas is preferable (subaru wagon, so it's not a guzzler).

Either leave a comment for me here, or find me in the City. I'll be living at Med Camp (9 and Bipolar, behind the medic station). Either ask for KK or (easier) leave a note on the maroon subaru with no roof rack and a Washington license plate. Stop by and say hi regardless :)
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