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This is just my pre-burn proclamation of my arrival.. This is my third year. Burning Man has changed my life, but that's hardly a rare case, but I hope that I can offer as much as anyone, just a bit of spontaneity to the playa. I need it badly this year, and so I'm going on unpaid vacation, when I barely make ends meet as it is, making 6.50 an hour. Working as a record store clerk is a glamorous job, but not one that pays well..

I think it's important before any burn to think of how you've grown as a burner and I've grown a lot. This will be my first burn as a true adult. My first burn in 2003 was shortly after I turned 18, but now, 20, I have a place of my own and I finally stand on my own two legs, trying to find the time to prepare for my most important ritual all year. My second fire staff is completed and it will be lit up for the first time at Burning Man.

All I'm really saying, is to keep an eye out for me. Long, near-black hair, three lip piercings, and I intend to spend the burn wearing tights, fake fur, dyed denim, and fishnets. I'm curious what sort of burners have livejournals and of course I never pass up the opportunity to meet people on the playa. This is the year that I distance myself from Camp Synaesthesia and make more than just small talk with strangers on the playa.

Less than a week now until we're all home.

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