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A friend wrote:

Aug 22, 2005 11:55 PM Subject: national fuck gas day Body: Dont Buy gas on

September 3rd!!!!
Boycotting the gas company will decrease the price dramatically. Ive checked into it and if over half the US didnt buy gas for 1 day, the gas companys would be close to bankrupcy!!! So Lets show them how to lower gas prices. So repost this to all your friends. We have to get the word out. Its NATIONAL DONT BUY GAS DAY!!!
So repost it!!!

And yes


I wrote:

The reason why gas prices are lower here in the US than anywhere else in the world is because the government subsidizes it in order to keep people driving their huge oversized gas guzzling SUV’s all over the planet, to the grocery store and to pick their kids up from school. People in Europe pay over twice what Americans pay for gas (and better quality gas too that burns much cleaner). Not to mention in most other first world countries, the lowest octane grade of gas available is 91. So in my opinion, Americans should like the rest of the world, be paying 5 bucks a gallon to force them to cut down on the amount they’re driving, and choose more gas efficient cars and means of transportation.

Moreover, it is because our gas prices are so low here in comparison to the rest of the world and because we insist and believe that this lifestyle we live here is a necessity that there is currently a war going on in the Middle East. Furthermore, it is largely due to gas prices, and the fact that the auto industry in America more or less pays out cities and the states to build more roads instead of investing in better public transportation systems that this war is going on and innocent civilians and our brothers and friends are dieing fighting for what… lower gas prices. It is because of this that… it is no wonder there is so much animosity towards Americans in other parts of the world! So, lets all ponder this for awhile! So why don’t you forward this on… everyone… petition for higher gas prices.

Please, anyone who knows anything more about this issue comment because I was, for the most part going on reactionary impulses and talking out my ass.

.... ok, so most of us are going to be on the playa... that doesnt help much of anything regarding this does it...?
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