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Looking for a place to camp (and work)

Hi folks,

I am in the last throes of planning for my first Burn after years of Burner events but always needing to be elsewhere on Labor Day weekend. Despite the last-minute nature of this trip, I'm in pretty good shape and even have food and water needs taken care of. The only thing I don't have are people with whom to camp, because all of my friends are in camps that were closed to new folks by the time I made my decision.

I will be arriving Tueday and departing Monday morning and am ready and willing to help out as needed. I'd love to volunteer somewhere, in fact, at such late date, I just don't know where to go. As noted, I don't need food or water -- I just want intentional neighbors.

(I am a 31 year old female/vegan/computergeek/artist/massagetherapist/assorted-other-labels, if any of that is relevant. Thanks for any tips, pointers, etc. :)
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